100% Fair Trade

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and the need for development is enormous. We believe that the best way to contribute to the positive development of Nepal is by creating good and sustainable jobs.

From the beginning, it has been important that all work should take place under fair and orderly conditions, and that the workers should be paid a decent wage for their work. It was therefore with great pleasure that egos was certified by the World Fair Trade Organization in 2009. Over the years, egos has been involved in various development projects in cooperation with local NGOs, for example the women's organisation TEWA, as well as DANIDA. We have also provided financial support to an orphanage in Nepal's capital Kathmandu, as well as to workers and their families.

To become Fair Trade certified, we must comply with the 10 Fair Trade principles:

1. We must create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers.

2. Our business must be transparent and accountable.

3. We must trade on Fair Trade terms.

4. We must pay a Fair Price.

5. We must ensure that child labour does not take place.

6. We shall not be required not to discriminate or discriminate.

7. We must ensure good working conditions.

8. We must ensure the development and skills of our suppliers.

9. We must promote the Fair Trade message.

10. We must show respect for the environment in our production.